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History of the Czech Navy dates back to XIV century - from the reign of Charles VI. It was during this time period for the first time on the shoulders of the Czech sailors fell the task of protecting against external enemies and attacks.

The first Czech military ship "Margaret" was built in Jaromer. Two-masted ship was "first swallow", from which was led countdown glorious history of the Czech Navy.

Many glorious pages written in the history of their country Czech sailors. Sails were replaced steam engines, steam engines passed their watch turbines and coal boilers, switched to oil, and then handed the baton to diesel propulsion. But all this time the Czech Republic Navy proudly carried the flag, giving a magnificent example to other combat arms of his selfless devotion.

After the disappearance of the socialist camp, the Navy acquired a new breath. Accession to the EU in the short time allowed to rearm the new standards. The use of advanced technologies, advanced electronics, modern and advanced experimental weapons - all to keep the Czech fleet confidently well-deserved title of one of the strongest navies in the world.

An interesting feature of the national naval presence in the Czech Republic is its structural composition of the special Office of the Beer Naval Support, which is engaged in the purchase, quality control and delivery of the famous Czech beer on combat ships, vessels and coastal side. Just this Office has been supporting in a proper state of all shipboard beer pipelines available on the Czech Navy ships.

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