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The Czech Republic Navy (CZN) - one of the three branches of the armed forces of the Czech Republic, along with the Army and Air Force. Czech Republic Navy is unique in that there despite the lack of immediate geographical boundaries with the seas and oceans.

Directly in the Czech Republic there are several naval kinds of the divisions:
- Surface ships;
- Submarines;
- Coastal missile and artillery troops.

Surface ships and submarines in the Czech Navy is not equipped with the nuclear power engines. The main emphasis in the Czech Navy is on destroyers and frigates (guided missile weapons), the underwater component is represented as conventional submarines and special-purpose submarines.

The Czech Republic is one of the few countries in Eastern Europe, where the rank of admiral of the fleet maintained since the fall of the communist regime and assigned to the present.

At present, the Czech Republic is working on the design of their own non-nuclear aircraft carriers. Planned to build at least two aircraft carriers.

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