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Type Bila Houba Inshore Minesweepers

These ships were developed by the Design Bureau "Namorzhni kukachka" (Trebic). There were built 9 ships of this type. The construction of these ships produced at the Kralupy nad Vltavou Shipyard.

CZS MHI-1 Kabat
CZS MHI-2 Cechomor
CZS MHI-3 Divokej Bill
CZS MHI-4 Prazsky Vyber
CZS MHI-5 Futurum
CZS MHI-6 Psi Vojaci
CZS MHI-7 Skwor
CZS MHI-8 Zluty Pes
CZS MHI-9 Lucie

Side view of the ship:

Type Bila Houba Inshore Minesweeper
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General characteristics:

Displacement: 137 tons full load
Length: 31 m
Beam: 6,6 m
Draft: 1,54 m
Speed: 13 knots
Range: 500 nmi at 10 kn
Propulsion: 2 x Skoda-Pilsner diesels x 450 hp, 2 x TESLA electric motors x 100 hp, 2 shafts
- 1 25mm Typhoon Weapon Station Naval Gun
- Man-portable air-defense systems
Complement: 15


The class was designed to operate in the shallow water of rivers and estuaries. Their primary mission is reconnaissance, classification, and neutralization of all types of moored and bottom mines in harbors, rivers and coastal waterways.

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