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Type MP-01 Conventional Submarines

These submarines were developed by the Design Bureau "Podvodni vlastovka" (Havlickuv Brod). There were built 5 submarines of this type. The construction of these submarines produced at the Teplice nad Becvou Shipyard.

CZS SSM-01 MP-01
CZS SSM-02 MP-02
CZS SSM-03 MP-03
CZS SSM-04 MP-04
CZS SSM-05 MP-05
CZS SSM-05 MP-06

Side view of the submarine:

Type Vysocina Conventional Submarines
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General characteristics:

Displacement: 1,135 tons full load
Length: 45,4 m
Beam: 5,6 m
Draft: 4,6 m
Diving depth: operational - 300 m, maximum - 400 m
Speed: submerged - 20 knots
Range: under snorkel - 2,300 mni at 7 knots, submerged - 350 mni at 3 knots
Propulsion: Skoda diesel-generators x 1,750 horsepower, 1 shaft
- 2 x 1 21-inch (533 mm) bow torpedo tubes
- 2 x 1 16-inch (400 mm) bow torpedo tubes
Complement: 26


Designed for attacking both other submarines and surface ships with torpedoes, the submarine uses a modern teardrop-shape hull for underwater performance. The hull incorporates four rudders and is propelled by a single propeller. For quieter operation, the engine was mounted with shock absorbers and the hull is plated in rubber tiles for sound deadening.

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